I scribble, draw, paint and experiment with various mediums – none of which I am formally trained in, but in all of which, I excel. Perhaps this natural ability is encoded in my DNA?

My designs are inspired by my love of all things unique and unusual. I follow no rules and often use mixed mediums when I work. Some may think me completely unsatisfactory in their learned world of colour, shadow and light, but there is something to be said about allowing your imagination to be set free without constraint!

My work expresses my mood. It may be whimsical, joyful and full of colour, or it may be melancholy and grey, but it is always perfectly formed when it finds its place!


Seika lives in the Niagara Region of Ontario, and has been an artist all of her life.

She started painting at the age of 4, creating artwork that was considered “too advanced” by her kindergarten teacher who called her mother to say, “There must be something wrong with her.”

Ignoring the naysayers and dream crushers, Seika continued to draw and paint.

In grade school, her whimsical artwork often won the attention of teachers and science fair judges. Using mixed media Seika would create fantastic dioramas and 3D renderings to make her work standout.
In highschool she turned her artistic talent into a money making side job. Students in senior year art had to turn in a still life paintings for part of their final mark and as many couldn’t paint, they hired Seika to complete the piece for them! Rumour has it she once influenced a well known watercolour artist while taking his classes; he was so impressed with her whimsical houses and Van Gogh style lemons, he switched from realism to a more whimsical style.

Her first major break came when a friend’s older brother saw her painting of a unicorn and asked if he could use the image to paint on the side of his 1976 Chevy van; Seika agreed, and from there her art career catapulted into the stratosphere.

Over the years, Seika’s acrylic paintings have hung in numerous galleries and private collections around the world. Today’s she illustrates her own children’s books, as well as those of other writers.